3 Self Defense Strategies To Keep Yourself Safe

The rise of violent crime these days can make leaving your house for a run or even just a walk to the grocery store a nerve-wracking and fearful experience, not to mention coming home late at night in the dark by yourself. Being prepared for a potential attack can greatly increase your chances of survival and also give you confidence that you can confront an attacker if worst comes to worst. Here are a few ideas for keeping yourself safe in the event of an attack.

The Element of Surprise

A mugger doesn’t usually want to hurt anyone, he just wants to get your money and go. Turning the tables and producing your own weapon will usually scare your attacker off, especially if you produce a gun. Gun concealment purses are a great way to easily produce your weapon of choice and stand your ground. Also, taking a gun safety course can help prepare you to use the weapon if necessary, as the last result.

Attack Right Back

Most attackers prey on people they perceive as weaker than themselves or easy targets. Taking a basic self-defense class can prepare you with a few crucial moves to stun and disarm any attacker, no matter how large and imposing he may be. You don’t need to be a kung-fu master to fend off a mugger or rapist, learning a few precisely-placed punches can down your attacker in a hurry.

Have the Right Tools

Keeping a self-defense tool handy in your purse or messenger bag can give you the upper hand in case of an attack. A bottle of pepper spray is a great deterrent, and an extendable baton is a great compact weapon that is easy to produce in case of emergency, as is a mini stun gun.

You don’t have to be the victim of a mugging or personal attack if you are properly prepared. With the right tools and training, you can turn the tables and feel safe wherever you go.