4 Reasons Children Should be Allowed to Play

If you are a kind of parent who doesn’t let children play much and emphasise more on study than playing, you must understand that playing is not detrimental but is beneficial for studying.

Here are a few prominent reasons why you should allow your child to play a lot.

1. Playing Encourages Learning

If you think that your child may miss the study time because she is engaged in playing for a lot of time, you are quite mistaken.

Children develop cognitive skills during pretense plays. E.g. they practise mathematics and problem solving during the play when they pretend to have or shop at a grocery store.

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They get a lot of exercise while running, jumping, swinging and sliding. Exercise develops muscle mass, strength and agility, maintains a healthy weight, eliminates stress and makes children happy.

All these benefits in turn help children in their study because a healthy body and mind can study better than a body with aches, pains and similar problems, and a depressed mind.

Play also develops social skills in children due to which they learn to talk with others, make new sentences and use new words and use correct grammar; thus their language skill is enhanced.

And most importantly, when children learn new things with play, new neural pathways develop in their brain which make them sharper, and help understand what they learn and remember it better.

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2. Play Gives Children the Necessary Break

Everyone needs a break. So, children need one too.

When adults are unable to proceed in a certain work because their brain is blocked by continuous working, experts recommend taking a break.

A break lets the brain rest, think on other things and ultimately open up again.

The same thing happens with children too when they are given time to play. Their brain may be blocked due to studying continuously which needs to open up again which can be achieved with playing.

3. Playing Outside Helps Children Learn without Books and School

Outside world is a huge book or school in itself. When children are given a chance to play outdoors, they learn a lot of new things, such as natural phenomena, people, their behaviour, traffic rules, and so much more.

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Playing outdoors also offer children plenty of sunshine and pure, oxygen-laden air which make them fresh and healthy.

The outdoor world also make children more inquisitive and they get a lot of questions in their tiny brains, and they are inspired to find their answers which leads to more learning.

Of course, you should be prepared to answer their questions or should provide them with enough food for brain in the form of books, audios, videos and internet.

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4. Playing with Your Child Makes Quality Time Together

Rather than letting your child play alone or with his friends, consider playing with him sometimes. This will offer you a quality time together as a family.

It’s very essential to develop family values, and emotions like attachment, love and compassion in children which can be achieved when you play with your child.

So, henceforth if your child requests you to allow her to play, don’t say ‘no’ because by allowing her to play, you will make her a healthy and intelligent child.