Sola Flowers: Even better than the real ones

‘’Wow! I can’t believe they are not real.’’

When I decided to use sola wood roses by on my big day, frankly speaking, I was quite nervous and worried about the overall outcome. But this instant reaction from almost every guest was so satisfying. I was amused to hear the disbelief of guests that sola wedding flowers were not, in fact, real. It was so delighting in finding perfect floral arrangements for my wedding day, but the more encouraging thing was that sola flowers have many benefits that fresh flowers do not:

Sola flowers are long lasting:

I am still enjoying more than just a fleeting love affair with sola wood roses from my wedding day. I had selected rose wood arrangements for my wedding, and after that, I used all my sola wood roses in different floral arrangements for my house interior. The sola wood flowers look immaculate for at least 5 to 7 years or longer. Sola flowers need very little maintenance, and this is another plus point.

Flexible and pollen-free:

Sola flowers with wired stems can be folded and re-straightened easily. This quality was amazingly used by my florist to design perfect table centerpieces, cake table arrangements, custom benches, unique entrance, and wedding aisle. After the wedding day, I just redesigned all the floral arrangements on my own, and sola flowers flexibly adopted the new style I picked for them. Sola wooden flowers are pollen-free, and there is nothing to annoy hay fever sufferers or poison pet cats.

Priceless memories with sola flowers:

When I had to decide my wedding bouquet, I was flattered over original blooms, but when I saw sola wood wedding bouquets by, they were so impressive. Sola wood roses by were nothing like old carved pieces; they were looking like original roses with the very lightweight. I talked to the floral artists there and ordered a custom bridal bouquet, and it was indeed beyond my expectations. My bridal bouquet is still fresh and bright as I hold it on my dream day, and now there are countless beautiful memories associated with it.

Color options and seasonal independence:

Another good thing about sola flowers is there infinite color options available. Originally sola flowers are ivory in color, but these are available in almost every natural color, and you can also create something unique by asking roses in blue or purple calla lilies. You can actually promote your imaginations to the new horizon with sola wood flowers.

There is also no need to stick with seasonal blooms, and you can raise the temperature in winter with bright zinnias and soft begonias. Similarly, add a refreshingly cool look with snapdragon and African daisies in the summer season.


My basic motivation behind choosing an alternate option for original blooms on my wedding day was my limited budget. We need to invest in our dream home, and we were not willing to spend a lot on our wedding expenses. provided me stunning sola wood flowers with marvelous quality and at most affordable prices. These are a few reasons that I consider sola flowers even better than the real things.