What is a Sling Bag?

Have you seen that cute and chic bag that dangles elegantly from the shoulder and swings stylishly across the hips? Well, that, my friend, is a sling bag. Casual and contemporary, universal and unique, ergonomic and efficient- the adjectives are endless to define a sling bag.

Defining a Sling Bag

The Oxford dictionary defines the sling bag as an “unstructured shoulder bag that is worn parallel to the body or hung across it.” The suspender strap is attached to both sides of the bag.

A sling bag is a casual shoulder bag with a single and long adjustable shoulder strap. Unlike the handbag, it offers a convenient carry-on facility and is casually slung on to the shoulders and carried on. Hence its name “sling ” bag. Its shoulder strap can be adjusted or even detached. Usually, the sling bag has a long strap and a small body. the latest variation of the sling bag is the “crossbody” bag which is designed to be worn across the body to show it style.

The whole objective of using a sling bag is the comfort, convenience and minimum care. Conforming to the casual look, the sling bag gives the wearer a carefree appearance which the youth just adore. Hip and Haute, the sling bag is a favourite among everyone for its minimalistic design and maximum comfort.

Difference Between a Handbag and a Sling bag?

  • A handbag usually has twin handles and/or a detachable shoulder strap. The sling bag has just one long shoulder strap.
  • A handbag is usually carried by hand while the sling bag is worn on the shoulder.
  • A handbag may have a formal or informal look while the look of the sling bag is totally casual.
  • Handbags are more spacious and have many compartments when compared to sling bags

More about sling bags

Sling bags are fashionable and trendy and are generally designed to be in vogue always. Sling bags are fabricated from a variety of material- genuine or PU leather, canvas, cotton, nylon, jute, fibre, PVC etc. The sling bag online has become a definite accessory for anyone who is out on work or leisure, shopping or sight-seeing, on a meeting or even on holiday. This is because the sling bag is rightly-sized and has ample space to suit all your needs. It is not too large or heavy to carry.

Neither is it too small to find space wanting. The sling bag is designed compactly to hold all your personal gear- your wallet, phone, makeup kit, power bank, headphone etc. It can even hold your camera, binoculars and water bottle for your travel. But it is not too cumbersome to carry as it is neither oversized nor heavy. It can be easily carried on one shoulder allowing the hands to be free. In fact, the sling bag always fabricated using lightweight material to reduce the load on the wearer.

Sling bags may or may not have compartments but they always have a swinging quality that makes them fun to carry! Dangling on your shoulder, they make you feel light and carefree, ready to take on the world with effortless ease. That is the strength of the sling bag.

Types of Sling Bags

Sling bags are always a la mode and in trend. So they come in a variety of models like

  1. Classic – The Classic model of the sling bag online is ideal for use as a daypack to carry all your daily necessities – your wallet, phone, pen and notepad, makeup kit, etc. Designed with or without compartments, and suitably sized, the classic model is the most popular among sling bag.
  2. Designer– Exclusively designed for party wear and outdoor meetings, this designer sling bag is mal, stylish and superbly stunning. Haute couture and highly stylized, the designer sling bag is not something that everyone carries.
  3. Wallet or Crossbody Sling Bag – This sling bag has a minimal design and I intended to hold jut your phone and pure. You may hang it across your body like a crossbody bag or sling it on your shoulder like a wallet purse. When the handle is detached, it looks like a wallet and hence its name.
  4. Messenger Bag – Designed like the messenger bag used by postmen and courier boys, this sling bag is slightly large and worn across the body

Sling bags are superb accessories to complement your fashionable outfit if you get them in the right design and style from the right providers. Select a trendy sling bag today to make your mark in the fashion world!