Types of Flower Arrangements That You Can Choose To Make Flower Gifting Easy

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  • February 22, 2020
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Floral arrangement is considered to be an art and only the professional florists excel in this matter. Creativity is the main factor that makes even the simple flowers look amazing while these are beautifully arranged. So, here are some of the popular and most beautiful flower arrangements that you can choose.

Vertical flower arrangement:

This is one of the most widely used flower bouquets and baskets. This type of flower arrangement mainly comes with a combination of different types of flowers. So, this flower arrangement is also the most colourful one and therefore it can be gifted at various celebrations like weddings and birthdays.

Horizontal flower arrangement:

Here a shallow container is used to arrange the flowers. The focus of this arrangement is a big single flower-like rose. And then some drooping flower branches are arranged around it. Roses are mostly chosen for this purpose as roses are low in height and therefore these are perfect for decorating centre tables. And this makes this arrangement the perfect gift for the formal occasions.

Minimal flower arrangements:

This is the commonest type of flower arrangement used for different types of indoor decoration by using only a few flowers. Usually, local flowers are preferred for this arrangement. This kind of floral arrangement is also a great option while heading out for dinner or while meeting your old pal. Other occasions where this flower arrangement can be gifted are housewarming, ring ceremony, etc.

Heart-shaped flower arrangements:

This is a heart-shaped beautiful flower arrangement made of one type of flower, usually roses. This type of flower arrangement in Singapore is a popular gift on different occasions like date, anniversary, or the birthday of partners. The total number of flowers that are used in this type of arrangement depends on the heart size in the arrangement.

“S” shaped flower arrangement:

In this flower arrangement, the flowers are arranged artistically in the shape of the alphabet “S” that offers shape to some amazing flower baskets and bouquets. This type of floral arrangement has a big size and it uses some floral fillers and leaves to make it look arrangement. And therefore, it can be presented beautifully for different special celebrations or occasions. In this arrangement, the flowers are placed in the stands and appear vertical. As a result, this type of floral arrangement can convert the look and feel of a special event effortlessly.

Fan-shaped flower arrangement:

This is known as one of the most widely used and classic styles of flower arrangement that is created by expert florists in Singapore. In this arrangement, both the leaves and flowers are arranged in a fan shape. You can choose to use different or similar types of flowers for this arrangement. And fillers are used to fill the empty spaces in this arrangement.

Triangular flower arrangement:

Used mostly in weddings and receptions, in this flower arrangement the flowers are cut and trimmed to give the shape of a triangle by arranging the smaller flowers on sides and tallest stems in the centre.


No matter whatever flower arrangement you choose, it is necessary to make the selection depending on the occasion. Besides, when it comes to choosing a flower arrangement, not only the flower type that matters, but also the arrangement counts. Each arrangement conveys some different emotions that are hidden behind the gift. Therefore, choosing the right flower bouquet or arrangement is important to convey your greetings or emotions effortlessly to the receiver. If you are clueless about this matter or have very little knowledge, then you can seek advice from the florist to choose the best.