Basic Marine Electronics You Need in Your Boat

Trying to outfit your new boat with some electronics? Check out this list for the most important ones that you need.

Boating is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities. However, with today’s technological advancements, equipping your boat with the right marine electronics can get quite overwhelming. Choosing the right items can be a massive challenge, even to those who have been navigating the high seas for the longest time.

So, to help out in that, here are some of the most basic marine electronics that you should get for your boat.

  1. VHF Radio

Deemed by the US Coast Guard as the single most important radio system for boats, the VHF radio is a communication tool that can easily ensure your safety while on a boat. It is designed to be on very high frequency (vhf), ranging between 156.0 and 162.025 MHz.

Communication and collision avoidance are the most popular reasons why you need a VHF radio in your boat. Some experts also say that getting a backup handheld VHF radio is a good thing, as it can ensure that you always have a working one no matter what happens.

  1. Multifunction Display (MFD)

A navigation tool is the next most important electronics for boaters. There are many things that can help you navigate through the waters, including marine GPS, radars, chartplotters, fishfinders, sonars, weather readers, and WIFI among others. Getting each one separately used to be a pricey and time consuming process, so multifunction displays are now better preferred by boaters.

A multifunction display or MFD is basically an electronic that can do multiple things at once. It can already be an all-in-one device to help you get around off shore, giving you all the information you need to safely navigate the waters.

Just remember that not every MFD is packed with features. Some, like Raymarine MFDs, have more functions than others, so make sure to study a product before buying one. This way, you can be sure to get everything you need in a single device.

  1. Wi-Fi and Cellular Range Booster

Not because you’re off shore you already have to live like you’re not connected to the world. You can always get signal boosters for your internet and cellular phone connections to ensure that you’re always within range.

  1. Satellite TV

You’ll have a lot of time when you’re on a boat. One way to make the time pass would be by watching TV with the help of a reliable satellite TV.

These are just some of the most basic marine electronics you should have in your boat. Start out with these and slowly complete your system from the bones with these handy and useful essentials.

Rob Quint is the author of this article on marine electronics. Find more information, about marine GPS.