4 major types of duffle bags

Have a travel plan? Then, go fetch a duffle bag. If not, buy one. Yes, duffle bags are the most ideal for all types of travel. If you are travelling by air, sea, train or even bus, duffle bags are the best.

Why duffle bags are best for all types of travel?

  1. Durable double duffle bags suit all types of travel as they are compact yet spacious, stylish yet functional.
  2. Duffle bags are ideal to take as cabin luggage and to be stowed under your seat on buses and trains.
  3. Duffle bags have many front and side pockets to accommodate many small items
  4. Duffle bags have both twin handles and a long strap to carry by the shoulder.
  5. Duffle bags are lightweight unlike trolleys even if they have wheels. This is because they are made of fabric like canvas or jute and not Polycarbonate like trolleys.

Ok, agreed that duffle bags are the best of use for all types of travel. but what type of duffle bags should one use? To answer this, you first must know what are the different types of duffle bags.

Types of duffle bags

  1. Standard duffle bag

This type of duffle bag is the basic and conventional type of duffle bag. It is horizontally aligned and is shaped like a drum. It has 2 pockets on either side, front zip/ and twin handles with/without a detachable strap. It is made of waterproof canvas, jute or nylon. It is compact and lightweight to carry by hand or shoulder. It is easy to keep in the flight overhead bin or underneath your berth or seat.

  1. Duffle bag with wheels

Some people prefer to lug along a trolley bag than carrying the bag by hand. For such people, this trolley duffle bags is the right choice. It is the standard duffle bag fitted with 4 wheels to be pulled along. It has a long foldable handle that can be used to pull the bag. Corporate executives and managers prefer this type of trolley duffle bags for their domestic and international travel. This trolley duffel bag has a sophisticated and stylish look with a professional air that makes it really outstanding.

Always buy these trolley duffle bags only from trusted suppliers to ensure that they are fitted with good quality wheels that do not break when you drag the wheeled duffle bag on rough surfaces.

  1. Backpack duffle bag

For the youth, it is always the backpack duffle bag that they opt for. The young love to travel and go hiking, trekking, camping, etc. They look for the convenience of carrying a backpack has in a duffle bag. That is why they choose backpack duffle bags. Backpack duffle bags come with twin shoulder straps to enable carrying them as a backpack on the back effortlessly

  1. The all-purpose duffle bag

A duffle bag normally has twin handles and a detachable strap. If it is a trolley duffle bag, it has wheels and a long handle to pull along. If it is a backpack, it has shoulder straps to carry on the back. But what if a duffle bag has all these features rolled into one?- that would be the all-purpose duffle bag for you. It has a grip or handles to carry by hand, an extra-long handle and wheels to pull along like a trolley. The twin adjustable handles can be lengthened into shoulder straps to carry as a backpack.

Whatever make or model, a duffle bag is the best for you always!