8 ways to promote your fashion posts

Every idea needs a promotional drive that requires a productive run through. You wouldn’t want to have empty seats at your fashion show. So, if you spend a majority of your time on the internet looking for ways to pull some traffic on your blog posts, you’re at the right place. As most important is pure content and provide some deals and discount which would be done my making tie-up with some discounted or voucher code sites like Dealvoucherz.com!

Here are some tips to promote your fashion posts.

Set a catchy tagline

The tagline is bait for all fishes. A dull, lifeless phrase won’t catch a lot of attention. Also, the focus must come from the right crowd. So, the tagline has to be target specific and concise. It is the first impression of your post to make it worth a read.

Share your posts on the facebook page

The social media is a free platform to introduce people to your new ideas and blog posts. This is the best way to analyze your content and brand, test it out without being overly annoying. In the beginning, not a single person might read it, but that isn’t your cue to freak out. Publish honestly and have patience, you’ll eventually get good feedback. Fashion posts are more visual and less scribble, so impress the audience with your photo skills. Add a link to your official website to a social media widget. Use Twitter to get in touch with the professionals and reach out to the potential readers and bloggers. Use your WhatsApp groups to share your new posts. Your family and friends tend to share the posts and read it out of affection.


Yes. That’s the best way to advertise your style skills and interact with people. Go ahead and announce a contest, competition or a quiz. Give away your favorite product to the lucky winners. Chances are high to gain a few more followers as the giveaway trend pulls a lot of audiences.

Utilize your email list

Although it sounds like an old-school idea, it is quite useful as a lot of our work takes place within the inbox and outbox! It might become a tedious task to build a mailing list and wait for readers to like your post but why not use the existing one? Also, randomly drop a link to your close associates who appreciate your work.


Don’t stereotype your blog, try creating and recreating what you do. Be unique with the ideas and revolutionize a style trend. Be more of yourself and avoid copying the renowned, your style is your identity, and that will bring you success, slowly but eventually.

Word of mouth

A powerful technique to build a network of readers and followers across the boundary! Start asking people to share your posts, mostly your friends, who will grow over a period. Sharing posts boosts the traffic, and that’s how it starts.

Befriend agencies

Once you’ve pulled enough from the social media and everywhere, go for paid advertisement and invest some on newspaper outlets, magazines and social media advertising. Don’t forget to drop your contact and social media handle. Keep tabs on the industry by getting yourself added to their media list. Go for the brand you’ve always followed.

Position as an Expert

Don’t be scared to pitch your story ideas to the local news sources and magazines, that’s a beginner platform for you to showcase your ideas and who knows some big name might like it and give you a call. Being a blogger isn’t a cakewalk, it takes a lot of planning and execution along with dedication. It is a full-time expert job.