Digital T-Shirt Printing and Why It Has Become Popular


The printing of t-shirts has been defined to a large extent by screen printing. However, this is changing and digital printing is taking center stage as a surefire way to create personalized and uniquely designed t-shirts that captures your interest and imagination. What more! Digital printing ensures efficient production of your t-shirts both in terms of money and time.

Businesses that have used digital printing have experienced more flexibility as they are able to produce variations of the same t-shirt designs at a much higher resolution and quality. The following are some of the major benefits that will accrue to you as a result of using digital printing for your t-shirts.


Digital t-shirt printing has become popular because of many reasons one of which is image quality. As a personalized t-shirt printing method, it allows you to attain a higher resolution as well as giving your t-shirts a much cleaner overall appearance. The t-shirts you produce will carry through your brand and re-cast it in a much better image. Any business or personality would want an eye-catching and custom design t-shirt that reflects the values they want to communicate.


This is one of the biggest perks with digital printing. Efficiency means you can produce your t-shirts within a faster turnaround time compared to other techniques. Digital printing not only gives you customized t-shirts, but it does so within a shorter period of time. Screen printing though still preferred in some quarters, it is labor intensive and time consuming. Thanks to digital printing, you don’t have to wait for weeks before seeing the design of your t-shirts firsthand.


One of the biggest challenges in the t-shirt printing industry has been batching. In addition to being labor intensive, screen printing does not add much value because you have to produce in large batches. With digital printing, the batch sizes have been significantly reduced and you can create lots of designs within the same order and have them done in one batch.

The beauty with variation is that it allows you to test out different designs you may be having in mind. Take an example of a commemoration that involves wearing different t-shirts for the same event. Instead of ordering them separately, you can just put your request with your variations and they will be produced all at the same time.


Every t-shirt printing technique ultimately boils down to the cost. Digital printing is one of the most cost-effective printing methods. Bearing in mind that you will get high quality custom-made tees, adding a lower price tag is more than a bargain. With businesses working on limited budgets, any opportunity to cut on cost without compromising quality is welcome.

Therefore, it is clear that digital printing carries a tone of benefits irrespective of the kinds of t-shirts you are making. With the right material in place and creativity in choosing colors, digital printing will give you exactly what you envision. For the best results, work with trustworthy and professional t-shirt printing companies because in this way, you will be assured of all the above benefits.


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