Dymo Shipping Label: How to Make Product Shipping Hassle-free

Running a business means dealing with a lot of things that are time consuming. One such thing that can eat up time is shipping. If a business is spending more time in ensuring that it has its shipping in place, it will not be able to focus on selling. Hence, businesses should look at using high-quality shipping labels, like Dymo shipping label, to streamline their shipping process and manage their inventory better.

Here are a few tips to help organization get a better grip on their shipping process and ensure customer satisfaction.

Invest in a Thermal Printer

Organizations should seriously consider using a direct thermal printer. It saves time and money as the printer does not make use of toner, ribbon and ink to print on the label surface. Depending on type of printer the organization has, it will require a software. Once the software is installed, printing will be seamless. The good news is Dymo shipping label is compatible with direct thermal printers and can be used to save time.

There is no need to feed the shipping labels into the printer and also there is no risk of someone else printing on the labels. Thermal printers are also less likely to get jammed and this minimizes errors and saves time and money. Above all, since no ink is used, the address and bar codes do not smear and there is no need to wait until the ink dries.

Use Quality Shipping Labels

It is necessary to determine usage of the label. For instance, if you want to print bulk mailing labels, warehouse labels, identification labels or barcode labels, opt for Dymo shipping labels in plastic. These labels come in a range of colors and styles and are used print large-format labels in more 60 sizes. Hence, once the usage is known, the organization can select the right label for their labeling, mailing and shipping needs.

Print Labels in Batches

Whether it is a few or hundreds of labels, the last thing an organization would want is to spend a lot of time printing them. To minimize operational costs, it is best to print labels in batches. A dedicated label writer will have batch printing functionality and making use of this feature will allow the organization to print large number of labels in a single go. It makes the entire label printing process simple and quick.

Include Return Labels

Adding return label in each shipment does not necessarily mean that the organization will get more returns. On the contrary, including this label will make it easier for customers who want to return the item. It is all about improving customer experience and satisfaction. Research has found that when an organization has a strong return policy, it has a positive effect on online shoppers.

Just make sure that customers get clear-cut instructions on returning items and with the label provided, it will reduce the amount of time the organization spends on handling returns. As a result, it helps to streamline the shipping and also allows the company to manage its inventory better. Use a label writer to create return labels and this can be programmed into the software of the thermal printer so that it gets done automatically.

Get the Courier to Pickup

It is time consuming to lug packages to the courier. Schedule pickup with courier companies and if an organization ships on a daily basis, they will be able to get a good rate from the carrier. Most carriers, like UPS and FedEx, charge to pick up packages, but the fee varies based on daily scheduled pickup or a one-off pickup. This helps save time and ensures the company does not have to dedicate manpower to go to the carrier and stand in long lines to get the packages shipped.

Use Automation

Technology is taking over every sphere of life and work and organizations can use technology to automate shipping. Rather than spending time to figure out how each product should be shipped, companies can use technology that allows the software to determine the best way to ship an order the moment it is received. This will minimize human error and also get the shipping done in a seamless manner.

The Bottom Line

Running an online business can be tedious, especially when it involves shipping physical items to customers. Using the right Dymo shipping label can help ease the entire process. Also, using the right technology to facilitate shipping can save an organization time and money.  These tips will help make the shipping process simple, quick and error-free and also ensure superior customer satisfaction.