How to Shop the Best Deals in Suits Now

This is not because this blog is dedicated to marriage, that men do not have their places here. Yes, you too gentlemen wish to be beautiful on D-Day, and you are right! (Do not make any illusions you will not be able to overshadow the beauty of the bride on D-Day). That’s why today’s article is dedicated to you, especially how to choose and wear your wedding suit.

First of all your groom suit, must match your personality. Choose a costume and not a brand! Indeed each brand has its own standard! A brand may very well match the morphology of your brother but not necessarily yours. Therefore do not stop at a particular brand. Now you can shop suits and come up with the best deals now.

The must: half measure or custom

If you can, it is true that it is the best. Many think this is much more expensive, but find out you might have some good surprises. It takes on average between 600 and 1500 e depending on the chosen fabrics.

Also, consider the spirit of your wedding to choose your wedding attire. What is the spirit of this one? Rural, urban, retro, or romantic? This will be decisive in your choice.

What Material To Choose For Your Groom Suit?

The wool is a soft material, is breathable and not very messy.

Cotton on the other hand is more pleasant but know that this material tends to wrinkle more easily. A mix between wool and cotton is a good compromise between a good performance and a breathable material.

The Color Of The Costume

Ideally we choose a suit that crosses the time: Gray, black or blue for more modernity. However it’s your wedding and if you want to dare to fancy, indulge yourself.


Not too tight or too wide. Too tight, this one will tend to fatten you. Too wide this one will tend to remind you. Your costume should not curl or have creases.

Cross suit or straight suit? If you are a little overweight, the crossover suit will tend to attract attention to your belly.

To know your jacket is adapted to your morphology: it must fall well at the level of the shoulders and for the sleeves, when you fold your arm it is necessary that the sleeve of your suit arrives at the level of the bone of your wrist.

Know for the back of your jacket. There are two types of slits, the middle one at the bottom of the jacket or two slits on each side of the jacket. If you have a stronger morpholgy the second option will be better.

You want to pass for a costume pro? In this case, learn to button and unbutton your jacket. When sitting leave it open to avoid unsightly folds. Stand up, never close the last button.


The color par excellence is white. But again, nothing prevents you from taking a shirt of another color. This one will be long sleeved. And yes even if you get married in August, it will be de rigueur. At the level of the sleeves, the shirt must exceed half a centimeter to one centimeter of the jacket to reveal the cufflinks if you wear them. This will also create a balance between the collar and the sleeves. Remember to provide a spare shirt, in case of stains. It can also be nice in case of hot weather, to find a second shirt.