How Using Jute Bags Helps the Environment

In today’s world, global warming, environmental pollution and ecological conservation are becoming the areas of key focus. Both on a corporate and personal level, companies and individual are taking a personal initiative to reduce indiscriminate garbage disposal, landfills and unnecessary use of plastic to save the environment. At this juncture, it would only be right and prudent if we all switch to “jute bags” to help the environment.

But can jute bags help the environment? Let us see.

What are Jute and What Are Jute bags?

Jute also called the “Golden Fibre” is a crop that grows in humid and rain-fed areas. It needs less manure and maintenance and is very beneficial to both man and the soil. Jute is easily biodegradable and is hence the widespread choice for manufacturing shopper bags and carry bags. Jute has high tensile strength, breathability and low extensibility, making it ideal for manufacturing gunny bags, rice ask and even sturdy shopping bags.

The main advantage of growing jute is that 1 hectare of jute can absorb 15 ton of CO2 or carbon -dioxide. It releases 11 ton of oxygen per day, thus cleaning the polluted atmosphere. Jute is thus beneficial to both man and his surroundings.

Jute bags are bags fashioned from jute material. They are not only sturdy and durable but they look elegant too when they are stylized and innovatively created by expert suppliers.

Benefits of using Jute Bags

  1. Jute Bags are made of natural fibre

Jute is a naturally grown crop and hence it is organic and harmless. Plastic is a chemically prepared polymer that contains many harmful solvents. This is why the use of plastic is banned as it is totally non-biodegradable. On the other hand, Jute bags are made of natural fibre which decomposes easily and merges into the soil. o, Jute bags are totally safe and biodegradable.

  1. Jute bags are not toxic

Plastic bags when used to hold food and vegetables sometimes expel a chemical smell which I toxic to u. But not with Jute bags. Manufactured organically from natural fibres, Jute bags are totally safe and non-toxic as they are born from the Mother Earth. Jute bags are totally hygienic and health-friendly.

  1. Jute bags are strong

Shopping for daily groceries or veggies is a laborious task and need a sturdy bag with a firm grip to carry the heavy load. Paper bags may give away and cloth bag may tear but not Jute bags.

Jute bags have high tensile strength and are durable. They also resist wear and tear and have a long life due to their low extensibility.

  1. Jute bags are eco-friendly and easy to produce

Plastics leave a very high carbon footprint as their production emits a high amount of carbon dioxide if burnt. Plastic production also consumes a lot of water and also drains the natural oil stock on the earth a hey are made from petroleum by-products.

Jute, on the other hand, is a natural crop that leaves no carbon or water footprint. It absorbs all the carbon dioxide and emits oxygen in abundance, purifying the atmosphere. Jute grows easily without any fertilizer and is harvested in 6 months and I hence manufactured easily.

  1. Jute bags are 100% compostable

Plastics are non-biodegradable and choke up the earth and water systems. Jute bags, on the other hand, are made of plant fibers which decompose easily and become compost for the oil.

  1. Jute bags can be reused

Rugged and ready for rough use, Jute bags have a long shelf-life as they can be used and reused again as they do not tear easily.

  1. Jute bags are fashionable

Fabricated with fashion – consciousness, Jute bags are in vogue as totes, shopper bags, and lunch bags. Expert suppliers have an enviable collection of Jute bags in a variety of designs.

  1. Jute bags are economical

Jute bags cost less when ordered in bulk and their manufacturing is also labour-intensive and hence cheaper. Rather than buying paper bags or plastic bags at a lesser rate, companies opt for Jute bags as they have a longer shelf life and hence better brand recall.

  1. Jute bags can be customized

Jute is a material that blends easily with all dye and pigments. Customize your Jute bags in your favorite colour and design from experts who can make these bags exclusively for you.

  1. Jute bags are best as promotional or corporate gifts

Thinking of a good corporate or promotional gift for our customers and clients?  Gift them an attractive Jute bag and watch them preserve it for life with equal loyalty.

Jute bags help not only the manufacturer and the retailer with their durability and high demand but also help in preserving the environment by preventing pollution.

Get Jute bags printed from only trusted suppliers who will give you value for your money and add value to the Jute bags in design, style and elegance.