The importance of tea coasters

A cup of tea is surely refreshing. But no one likes to gulp their hot tea at one go. They take their own sweet time to sip the tea to enjoy its taste and flavor. During this period, they set the cup of tea down and then pick it up again for another sip. When the teacup is placed on the table, it forms a round rink or a mark that spoils the look of the furniture. How to avoid this?- by using tea coasters, of course.

Tea coasters play a vital role as crockery or dining accessories. They are used commonly at home, offices, hotels, cafes and restaurants, etc. In fact, using tea coasters has become the norm when you order or drink a cup of tea. But are tea coasters really so important? can’t we do without them? Let us analyze.

Are tea coasters really important?

The answer is YES. They are drinking accessories that prevent the surface of your expensive and elegant furniture from getting spoiled due to drops of water or beverage falling from your tea cup. These water droplets form while the tea cools and drop on the wood causing bad blotches. Similarly, hot tea spilt on the smooth surface of the table can ruin the varnish and polish of the table. Tea coasters also prevent the tea cup from scratching or denting the shiny surface of the table. This is why tea coasters are important and indispensable to all tea drinkers.

History of tea coasters.

Tea coasters have been around since 1760. Small  paper or cardboard pieces were used to absorb the condensation from the drinks. and they could be slid off or coasted along the table once the servants retired for the day. That is how they got the name “coasters.”

Drink coasters were first made by a German company for commercial use  from wood pulp in 1880. Nowadays, you have tea coasters made of jute, wood, plastic, fibre, cloth, and even metal. Tea coasters have become popular in India since the colonial period and are in wide use even today.

Reasons why everyone needs  tea coasters

  1. Tea coasters keep your furniture stain free

The look of your home, office or hotel largely depends on the interiors and the interiors mainly consist of elegant furniture. Anyone who loves to have a good home or a great office would definitely want to maintain their furniture without spots and stains. This is possible only by using tea coasters. Coasters prevent the spilling of beverages or the condensation of the drink from falling on your tables and maintain them stain -free and sparkling new.

  1. Tea coasters enliven your home or office

Enliven the grim and boring atmosphere of your office with some cute tea coasters.Spice up your home environment by using tea coasters in a variety of shapes and colours. Tea coasters also have motivational or humorous quotes to set you thinking too.

  1. Tea coasters are great stress busters

Heated discussions are common at home and office. but you can bust this stress and tension by using tea coasters. To cool off, you will reach out for that glass of water on your table. And when  you see the humorous quote on the coaster underneath, you will burst out laughing. Tea coasters can change the mood from serious to funny in no seconds.

  1. Tea coasters are ideal gifts for employees

Tea Coasters are the best choice as promotional gifts for employees and clients. They can convey your brand message widely at just a fractional value.

Tea coasters are great for the home, office, boutique, department store or hotel. Get them today.