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For beautiful and unique wedding rings, it does not always have to be white gold, red gold or silver. In addition to platinum, palladium is one of the most sought-after materials for noble wedding bands, which attract more and more bridal couples thanks to attractive price development. We offers you an attractive selection of modern Cushion Cut Diamond wedding rings made of palladium 950 or palladium 500, which you can order cheap and in many variants with us. True to our motto “We are wedding!” We will convince you not only by attractive prices, but also show you personally why you should choose for wedding rings Palladium


Every bride and groom in this country attaches great importance to the selection of the right wedding rings, precious metals are just good enough for the most important symbol of marital bliss. Palladium is increasingly in demand, as the rare precious metal is now more attractive to finance and as platinum metal has many similarities with platinum. In terms of color, wedding rings palladium can be compared with alloys of platinum rings such as PT600; the hardness of both precious metals is comparable. Choosing Palladium wedding rings will give you a quality that will last for years and decades, as on your wedding day. Selecting palladium for loose diamonds wholesale wedding rings is not conventional and distinguishes you as a bride and groom from many other couples. Depending on the condition, palladium wedding rings can be cheaply purchased, making them a real alternative to gold and silver. Attractive ring designs and an engraving can be implemented with palladium wedding rings as well as with other precious metals. There are no limits to your design preferences. The function of the wedding ring configuration allows you to try out the different designs. Just ask WEDDING RING Palladium for more information about our Palladium 950 or 500 services. We are wedding!

Wedding Rings Palladium: variety and combinability

For the special event of a wedding rings of palladium are not offered in pure form, similar to rings of carbon, yellow gold or white gold alloys are available with this precious metal for you. Common variants are wedding rings of palladium 950 and palladium 500, where the number indicates the proportion of noble metal in parts per thousand. The 950 variant consists therefore of 95% pure palladium, in the 500 version, the precious metal is used in half and combined with silver or other metals. All variants convince by a first-class material quality and high robustness, Palladium 500 is cheaper and can be financed by couples with a manageable budget. Also attractive is the combinability of palladium with other metals, as you can easily find out about our WEDDING RING CONFIGURATOR. Step by step, assemble your ideal wedding rings for a reasonable price and find out how many precious metals palladium can be combined in an attractive way. Even if you want palladium for your wedding rings, you do not have to do without the charm of diamonds, yellow gold, silver and other classics for your exclusive ring pair. The production of palladium rings with diamonds is especially sought after for wedding rings and engagement rings. For questions about the combinability of materials or the use of our WEDDING RING CONFIGURATOR.

Information about palladium

Palladium is a so-called transition metal, which carries in the periodic table of the elements the atomic number 46 and Pd is abbreviated. It belongs to the nickel group and is a platinum metal, being much more reactive than pure platinum. Since it occurs more frequently in nature and is therefore cheaper than platinum, palladium has displaced this precious metal in many areas of life partially or completely. The most important applications of palladium include the production of jewelry, which contributes to the color change from yellow gold to white gold or is used alone. Also for catalysts, watches or as a denture, the platinum metal is used.


Palladium is still mined today, but over decades natural deposits in palladium mines have been exploited and are therefore very low. Among the most important mining regions of the precious metal include the Urals and Australia, also in Ethiopia and parts of America are still individual palladium deposits present. Over the years, the more important source has been processed material, which makes it very easy to recycle the metal. The precious metal dissolves in aqua regia and nitric acid, after a purifying it can be used for wedding rings and other purposes.


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