It is indeed a burning question which makes a person think and brainstorm for hours. Siblings are special people; they do not fall into the same place as a friend do. They know us since birth and they know us better than anyone else in the world. Hence it is legit that the selection of gifts should be such that they reflect the desires and wants of our sibling.  This leads us to the topic of present suggestions for the person who have known us all our life; who kept the secret of our mischievous activities from our parents and ensured that we do not get scolded. Shouldn’t we make it clear that the gifts intended for our sister are the best and are guaranteed to make her satisfied and content?!

Mermaid tail blanket:

With an open seam to extend land legs all the way into the fins, these pieces of blankets have a unique appearance about themselves. The bottom part of the blanket, as it is obvious from the name itself has the shape of a fin, which can be further decorated with the addition of scale shapes. These blankets are available in all sizes, even for adults who have a childish nature hidden in them! They are easy to slide into and do not pose any problems in being too tight and uncomfortable. The outer cloth of the mermaid tail blanket is sewn with funky art styles, similar to custom art work perfected by Portrait Flip.

Mermaid shaped blankets have a choice over all of their features. The size, the colour, the extra scales to be added and the material can be specified. The best part about these blankets is that they are not made by machines. They are sewn by hand, by elder people who now all about children and their needs and aspirations. When an article or a gift is handcrafted, it automatically becomes of a more emotional value than something which has been manufactured in factories.


Minion slippers:

The movie was a phenomenon; it was a trend which everyone fell in love with. So much trending are these cute yellow creatures that almost every modern article, like earphones, boxes, pillows and even slippers has customized minion art embedded on them. Follow in the footsteps of minions when you wear these fun slippers! Applied features and a soft plush body create a crazy and cozy fit. The minion logo is screen printed on instep. Adult slipper size, children size, teenagers sizes; all of them are available. Screen-printed and applied features, Spot clean due to the tough leather used for its fabrication, Imported from international stores; these are some of the features off these modern day slippers with a minion themed style. Keep little toes oh-so-toasty in the soft lining of these slipper boots. The Minions print is sure to make them a favourite with any little cheeky one. The slippers have an added none slip sole along with a Soft fleece lining, making them a comfortable and wearable.  Help your sister step into the comfortable cushioning and crazy style of these Despicable Me slippersShaped like minions, these slippers can keep her feet protected with ease.

Modern Art:

Artists work to represent the newness of modern life in appropriately innovative ways. Modern art or Contemporary art paintings were developed from the way art was created in the last century and thus includes emerging modern Art, a successor of historical art practices. Modern Art is defined as a branch of the art that has been produced by adopting the modern trends and the needs of the modern generation an art in any medium that is produced in the present. The best example of modern art is custom paintings made by Portrait Flip. Modern Paintings exhibited on galleries and online custom painting sites are crafted by artists, which is vouched for by the satisfaction of lakhs of customers around the globe team to assure of the right quality & price. We at Portrait Flip do the quality check for every piece of Modern art before it is delivered to the customer.

Custom paintings services are an emerging business and it may take hours to even select the most suitable ones to start a comparison. The flexibility offered in exchange for the minimal cost incurred is a great plus point for customers. Hence we concluded with the best choice of gift presents for siblings: a custom painting. Fortunately, there are a few who have an edge in almost all the criteria of judgements in the diversity offered in the world of art. Portrait Flip happens to be one of such portals. Flexibility is offered in terms of the selection of photo to be painted, the style of the painting to be adopted and the size of the frame needed. The photo can be captured using any mobile or a DSLR camera and sent to the contacts provided in the website. The frame size can be selected from the four primary categories: custom frames, big frames, medium frames and small frames. The style of the paintings ranges from oil painting and water colour to charcoal painting and simple pencil sketches. The time of delivery is short and it takes a few weeks to have these paintings for you.

Adding to the the fact that the site is for shopping of custom paintings, it is dedicated in instilling a love of art among people all across the world. And the love is better when it is reciprocated from your side!!