Popular Types & Designs of Headstones

The trance of giving the final farewell to a loved one is not a dish of good taste for any mortal, nor is it frequent in the facilities of a morgue or crematorium. Therefore, we often have relations with funeral service companies in the last position of our ranking of priorities. We assume that you will not be the exception.

How to Choose a Headstone

As your priority desire, it is sure to maintain in your permanent memory the human being whose company you have lost, the funeral services offer you an endearing formula so that, in your way, you give him the homage that you think he deserves: leave his remains under the protection of the most durable materials with which headstones are made and what are these? Undoubtedly, granite and marble, basically, because they are the most resistant to the inclement weather that the gravestones will have to endure. Above them, we provide you a few brushstrokes that will help you when the sad moment arrives, know how to decant for one or the other.

Marble Headstones

They are the most traditional, although the granite has come to replace them, by the type against it that has less tendency to wear than that. It is especially important if you decide to embed engravings, which lose a lot of sharpness, due to the impact of sunlight. In spite of everything, they still have full force, with a special interest in the realization of sculptures.

The headstones marble require being made of quality material. An interesting alternative is the white tablets of Macael that is a type of very characteristic marble, by the homogeneity of its whiteness, safe from very few gray venules, and its extraordinary durability.

If your illusion is to decorate the room where the remains of your beloved deceased will rest as elegant material that lasts long and is rich in its finish, then the marble has no rival.

Granite Headstone

This mineral has the privilege of being the most widespread material in the manufacturing of headstones. Basically, due to its great polishing ability, it can withstand a temperature range between -30 ° C and 60 ° C and its immunity to the corrosive effects of acid rain. It is an ideal option for any monument to the elements, such as tombs and niches.

As for chromatic varieties, you can choose between red, green, blue, pink, black and South African granite (dark gray and fine-medium grain). Inside the granite headstone, you have the varieties of coarse grain and gray granite (finer).

On the other hand, the efficiency of modern machines has significantly reduced the cost of granite polishing and has made it more competitive.

One can choose from various headstone designs available in the market.

  • Vertical headstone
  • Bronze commemorative pencils
  • Tilted stone
  • Granite commemorative plaques
  • Memorial headstones
  • Headstone ledger
  • Bevelstone

You can choose a nice headstone wording to get it engraved on the headstone that defines the personality of the deceased. Make sure you select fewer words to keep the headstone under budget.