Most Special Types of Zipper Sliders

The market is filled with a wide selection of zippers today. But, if you don’t even bother to watch or observe closely, you might never even notice that there are actually a lot of differences when it comes to the zipper sliders that are used on zippers right now.

Zippers will never be able to function properly when they are installed with incorrect sliders. With this article, you will get to learn about a few brilliant tricks on how to identify the specific kinds of zipper sliders in a matter of seconds. These tricks can help you a lot if you are planning to buy sliders and zippers from different suppliers or manufacturers or if you ever need to replace any broken or old sliders.

The zipper slider that separates or joints the element as the zipper is moved down or up is made up of the slider body, tab or crown holder, pull tab, cramper, and others. The zipper sliders could be further categorized into auto lock sliders, semi auto lock sliders, and non lock sliders depending on the function. In this post, the following special zipper sliders will be discussed:

  • Butterfly Slider
  • Pin Lock Slider
  • Non Lock Slider With Both Sides Noses
  • Non Lock Slider With One Lock Hole
  • Non Lock Slider With Two Lock Holes
  • Reversible Autolock Slider
  • Reverse Slider

Butterfly Slider

Based on the name itself, the front part of this specific type of zipper slider resembles a butterfly’s wing. 

Pin Lock Slider

A pin lock slider can perform the semi-autolock function. There are two pins connected with zipper pull and they work together and lock. 

Non Lock Slider with Both Sides Noses

With this zipper slider, you will find one nose on the bottom and top sides of the slider although none of these two noses are connected to the slider. There are also doublet zipper pulls. 

Non Lock Slider with Two Lock Holes and Non Lock Slider with One Lock Hole

The primary difference between these two kinds of sliders is the number of lock hole. The latter has a single lock hole while the former features two lock holes, as their names suggest. 

Reverse Slider and Reversible Autolock Slider

Reverse slider is different from reversible autolock slider even though these two terms may look the same with one another. These sliders are meant for reverse coil zipper and reversible zipper respectively. 

A reversible autolock slider pertains to the slider with a zipper pull that can be flipped to the other side along a rotating track. In this specific case, there is just a single pull. 

A reverse slide primarily refers to the nylon zipper slider with asymmetrical bottom and top sides that are different from metal zipper slider and plastic zipper slider. Unlike regular sliders, reverse sliders feature a lower top side and higher bottom side. The zipper teeth are also invisible with the stitching seen on the front side.

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