Tricks That Will Help You to Medicate Your Dog

You just tried your best to spoon feed your dog and tried every possible trick to medicate but failed at the end. This is not a case with you, almost every pet owner face the same scenario and struggle to give medicine to their pet. A dog is the most common pet, hence most pet owners always search for the tricks that can actually work for them and help them to give medicine to their dog.

Below are some crucial tricks that will be helpful for you and let you medicate your pet.

Use Food Pockets:

Many dog’s foods are too soft to eat, but most interestingly, they are hollow from within. This space is used to place the pills. Your dog will never know the presence of pills and consume them with full taste. However, you should know what your dog loves the most that you can use to place the medicine and give it to the dog. Many dogs love peanut butter which is easy to hide the pills.

Chewing Gums:

Many medicine manufacturing companies that make medicines in the form of chewing gums. You can buy such medicines and use them as the way to medicate your pet. Dogs love to chew and with such chewable, you will deliver two-benefits simultaneously. On one hand, where the dog will enjoy chewing the medicine, on the other hand, you will not struggle to give medicine to the pet.

Place It on Paws:

Cats and Dogs are two common animals who never love dirty paws. If they somehow feel it, they start licking it that makes it easy for you to give medicine. All you need to do is place the medicine/pill on their paws and wait for your dog to notice. Once noticed, there is a high probability of licking medicine. This way, you will not have complete assurance of medicine intake by the dog.

Use Injection:

Most of the medicines are made available in form of pills, which are tough for a newbie pet owner. To help them, medicines are available in the form of injections too. However, it’s recommended to connect with your vet doctor and medicate your dog using injection.

You should not use injection until you have better proficiency and knowledge in this field. Canada Drugsis the online pharmacy that offers you entire over-the-counter medicines for your pet. You can buy them with the home delivery option. Make sure you consult your doctor before buying any medicine for your dog.

Play Game with your Dog:

Many time its really tough to give medicine, hence you have no other option to try bluffing your dog. You can play a game, such that you can make your dog intake the medicine without knowing the reality. This way you can medicate your dog as well as enjoy your time being with your pet.

So, these are the smart ways/tricks which will help you give medicine to your dog without struggling too much. However, in case you are still failing, you should ask your doctor for a recommended treatment.